Comments Policy

I welcome comments and general feedback about the content on this website. I also welcome news about creative tools, maker culture and other topics covered here.

The best way to communicate with me is via the contact form. I can't always guarantee a timely response, but I'll try my best.

Please be clear about whether or not the information you're sending me is intended for publication. I will respect embargoes on press releases, but be sure the embargo date and time are prominently displayed.

At present, this website does not allow public user comments on blog posts. The website is a part-time endeavor, and I'd like to spend that time producing content rather than moderating comments. However, this policy could change in the future.

When I post a blog entry on this website, I will also post a link on my Facebook page, and you're welcome to comment there. The usual caveats apply: Comments that I determine to be abusive, offensive, off-topic, self-promotional or otherwise inappropriate will be deleted, and people posting those comments may be banned from the page. I will be especially unforgiving of comments that are blatant attempts to promote products or services. I'm OK with criticism, but please respect the other people visiting the page and keep it civil.