About Steve

Stephen Beale is an award-winning journalist who occasionally refers to himself in the third person. By day, he's the editor of Bulldog Reporter's Inside Health Media, a trade publication for PR people in health and medicine. But nights and weekends, he reveals his true identity as a Creative Explorer, chronicling the work of artists and tinkerers, and reporting on the hardware and software tools that enable their creativity.

Steampunk Steve

He thinks of himself as a slow-motion time traveler from the 20th century, living in a world envisioned by the science-fiction writers he read as a teen. He's disappointed that he can't hop on a spaceship to Mars, but he thinks it's pretty cool that he can watch "Dr. Who" on an iPad.

For the past 20 years, he's been a freelance contributor to HOW, for which he writes about graphics software and other design topics. He was one of the launch editors for Micro Publishing News and Digital Imaging, and later became news and reviews editor for Macworld magazine. As editor of Veterinary Computing, he received the Newsletter Association's Journalism Award for "Best Spot News or Exclusive Single News Story."


He is the author or co-author of eight books on computer applications in graphics and publishing, including Graphic Design to Beat the Clock (Rotovision, 2013); Photo Manipulation: Fast Solutions for Hands-On Web Design (Rockport Publishers, 2002); Plug-In Power (Micro Publishing Press, 1996), Linotronic Imaging Handbook (Micro Publishing Press, 1991) and The Scanner Book (Micro Publishing Press, 1989).

Graphic Design to Beat the Clock is currently ranked #3,003,798 on Amazon.com's bestseller list, making it his most successful title to date. It's published in the UK as Great Graphic Design in Half the Time. Linotronic Imaging Handbook was named "Most Useful Book" in awards balloting sponsored by the Association of Imaging Service Bureaus.

Sunset Limited to California

Born and raised in Philadelphia, he currently resides in El Cerrito, Calif., best known as the home of two BART stations. Armed with his trusty Clipper Card, he explores the Bay Area and points beyond, always on the lookout for new creative discoveries—the projects as well as the people who make them.

He encourages you to follow him on Twitter and "Like" his Facebook page.

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