HOW Article: What's New in Adobe Photoshop CC 2014

Oct 13 2014
steampunk camera

I thought the 2014 Creative Cloud release was a bit thin in terms of new features, but it did include some useful additions to Photoshop. The question of whether to upgrade is pretty much moot these days given the new subscription model. I offer my take in this online article for HOW.

HOW Article: Adobe Announces CC 2014

Jul 29 2014

A year after Adobe stirred controversy with its Creative Cloud subscription plan, the company released new versions of its software and made its first entry into the hardware business.

HOW Article: An introduction to CSS Pixels

Jul 21 2014

People are accustomed to thinking of the "pixel" as the smallest unit on the screen. But in the age of the Retina display, that's not always the case. This article for HOW delves into the difference between hardware pixels and the CSS pixels specified in web designs.

HOW Article: Highlights from Maker Faire

May 29 2014
Maker Faire robot

Billing itself as "a family-friendly festival of invention, creativity and resourcefulness," Maker Faire is a showcase for ingenuity across a wide range of disciplines, including robotics, transportation and design. This article for HOW includes photos from the 2013 and 2014 events in San Mateo, Calif.

HOW Article: Top Content Management Systems for Designers

May 13 2014

A look at Wordpress, Drupal and a couple of hosted alternatives for designers seeking to build websites for clients.

HOW Article: An introduction to responsive images

Apr 21 2014

Web designs can adapt themselves to mobile devices, but images don't always play nice in responsive designs. This article looks at some of the options available to designers as we wait for web standards to catch up. Update: The date stamp on this article is wrong. It was written and posted in April, not July.

HOW Article: Best Data Visualization Tools & Infographic Software

Apr 15 2014

This article looks at the data visualization tools that seem to be most useful for designers. The latter point is key: To be considered, the software had to be capable of exporting charts to Illustrator or other vector programs. That narrowed the field considerably. I also mentioned a few options for creating interactive visualizations.

HOW Article: Adobe's new Creative Suite

Aug 23 2013

This is my take on Adobe's latest creative tools and its controversial decision to make them available exclusively by subscription.

HOW Article: Top Web-Design Programs

Jun 27 2013

It's easy to find web-design programs for consumers, but choices for creative professionals are more limited. Here's a look at six design tools, including a couple of freebies.

HOW Article: Mid-course additions to Adobe Photoshop

Jan 22 2013

A look at some cool new features in Adobe Photoshop, including conditional actions and a couple of big productivity enhancements for web designers. I also discussed the new Single Edition of the Digital Publishing Suite, which allows designers to build tablet apps from InDesign files...

New book: Productivity Tips for Graphic Designers

Dec 3 2012
Alarm Clock

My latest book just came out. The publisher is Rotovision, which is based in the UK. In the UK, it's Great Graphic Design in Half the Time. In the U.S., it's Graphic Design to Beat the Clock. The publisher chose the title, and I have no idea why it's different in each country. The idea is to provide time-saving tips for designers using Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, etc. Topics include keyboard/mouse shortcuts, Photoshop actions, plug-ins, scripts and search tools in Mac OS X and Windows. It is heavily illustrated.

HOW Articles: Creative Suite 6

May 30 2012

A series of overviews of Adobe's Creative Suite 6: Photoshop, InDesign and the rest.

HOW Article: New web-design tools

Sep 11 2011

An early look at two web design tools from Adobe Systems: Adobe Muse and Adobe Edge.

HOW Article: Digital Publishing

Apr 11 2011

HOW Article: Web Font Services

Nov 26 2010

A freelance assignment for HOW Magazine about web font services. This is a new category of online services that provide an easy way for designers to include high-quality typography in their web projects.

HOW Article: HTML5 vs. Flash

Sep 15 2010

I wrote a 4000-word behemoth for HOW Magazine about HTML5, CSS3 and Adobe Flash. Its roots go back to spring, when Adobe and Apple were engaged in a nasty dispute over Apple's refusal to allow Flash on the iPhone and iPad. At the time, Steve Jobs was touting the new web technologies as a replacement for Flash. Most of the public discussion was about HTML5's plug-in-free video capabilities, but I was curious about how these technologies replicated Flash's vector-animation functions. I couldn't find any in-depth articles aimed at non-programmers, so I decided to write one myself...

CS5 Review

May 10 2010

A mega review for HOW Magazine of Adobe's Creative Suite. I wrote about the seven core applications for designers: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, Flash Catalyst and Fireworks.